In Serracanya you can enjoy your visit by doing a great number of activities outdoors and in the middle of nature. Choose your activity and get ready to start the adventure.


You can start or practice your aim and ability with the bow in the facilities that Serracanya offers for the fans of this sport. This modality is addressed to people over 15 years. To get started in this sport you do not need to have a great physical form. You have the possibility to practice on your own or take a course with an experienced monitor.

Paintball / Airsoft

Paintball is an action game, skill and strategy that is practiced in teams based on military tactics, each team consists of several players who are strategically placed on the field of play and must eliminate the opponent firing paintballs. The game is exciting, combines physical action with strategy, skill, intelligence, improvisation instinct and rapport with the rest of the team components (and most importantly, it’s super fun). Serracanya has perfect outdoor facilities for this practice. The game scenario is wide and is endowed with wooden structures and various obstacles where you can protect yourself.


Variety of activities to enjoy in family and for all ages. The multi-adventure consists of several games grouped by level of difficulty. You will live a different experience, full of fun, excitement and adventure. Of course always carried out with maximum security and the supervision and supervision of expert monitors.

Mountain Bike

If your favorite sport is mountain biking, from Serracanya you will be able to perform different routes, with different levels of difficulty. An activity to keep fit and can be done with family or friends. Enjoying and exploring unique landscapes along routes that you would hardly do in other types of vehicles. You will enjoy the nature in all its splendor, with landscapes that by themselves already deserve that we practice Mountain Bike.


As with mountain biking, if your thing is to take long walks and explore charming natural sites. Serracanya offers you a great variety of routes where you will enjoy nature in all its splendor, with landscapes that by themselves already deserve that we practice trekking.

Mushroom picking

Arriving the first rains of autumn arrives the time of collection of mushrooms. In Serracanya you will be able to savor in the first person the nuances, the forms and the colors of this nutritious and extraordinary wild food. Let yourself be carried away by passion!

Observation of fauna and flora

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Clay pigeon shooting

In Serracanya we have modern facilities, automatic machines and a variety of practices, which ensure a good development of the activity.


In our intensive reserve, you can also practice your favorite sport: partridge hunting, quail, rabbit, pigeon, etc. The hunting area of ​​the preserve includes an area of ​​1460 hectares that allows hunting at all levels both beginners and professionals, with areas suitable for each type of species.



Cheer up! Choose your adventure

Contact us to request reservations, consult rates or any additional information. We advise you on the many activities that you can enjoy in Serracanya.

Live Role

Fabulous live role-playing event with medieval fantasy setting that is held a couple of times a year.